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Our Services

Our services are designed with the highest level of precision and safety to provide a wide range of solutions among our clients.

We offer specialized solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

Cash In Transit

  • Bank's Branch Cash Decongestion

  • Bank's Branch Cash Supply

  • Cash pickup/delivery from/to Central Bank of Greece

  • Air and sea cash transit

  • Combined cash transits with 2 or more clients

  • International cash in transit


Cash Processing Solutions

  • Maintenance of central Reserve

  • Detailed Counting of Store Cash

  • Vaulting Services

  • Cash Counting Banks' Retail Customers

Cash Handling
Cash in Transit

Offsite ATM / APS Integrated Services

  • Cash Supply ATM

  • First Level/ Second Level Maintenance (FLM/ SLM)

  • Stand By Services

  • ATM Cash Agreement

  • Management of ATM Alarms

  • Management of Electronic ATM locks

  • Full support of deposit machines for the "retail" customers of the Banks

ATM keypad
Offsite ATM

Retail Solutions

  • Decongestion of Values

  • Service of Automatic Deposit Machines with "on line - real time credit" option

  • Coin supplies

  • Analytical counting & Storage of Values

  • Start-up asset management

  • Values Insurance

  • Service according to the special needs of each customer

  • Transit & storage of valuables, gold, jewelry, etc.

Retail Solutions

Our company operates with specialized equipment, allowing our customers to face the challenges of modern security and cash management with absolute security.

We rely on a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure to provide extensive protection at every stage of asset management and transfer.

Our cash in transit vehicles are equipped with top armor class, while they are equipped with innovative systems, such as telematics system, Vault, confinement system, panic button.

Our staff operates with special boxes for transporting values and ATM cassettes.

We have latest generation counting machines with updated software, ECB certification and electronic value recording.

At our premises, we operate a controlled access system, full CCTV coverage and security equipment including armored doors, alarm and notification systems, as well as prevention systems.


In addition, all our systems meet the highest quality and security standards, offering a complete package of services to protect your valuables. While our services are certified according to ISO 27001:2013, 45001:2018, 14001:2015, 22301:2019 & 9001:2015.

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